Compatibility FAQ

Do OVOS images run on the mark2?

The mark2 developer kit is one of the reference platforms we test and develop against, the ovos-buildroot images can be used in a mark 2 device

Do OVOS skills work in mycroft-core?

If you are a developer please subclass your skills from OVOSSkill provided in ovos-workshop package

We implement all skill development tools under the ovos-workshop library, this allows most OVOS functionality to be used in mycroft-core without problems. This includes intent_layers , decorators and killable_events

However some skills may decide to depend on features exclusive to ovos-core, or be missing bug fixes in mycroft-core, therefore we can not ensure 100% compatibility. eg, if a skill depends on the converse deactivated event it may misbehave under mycroft-core because that event is only sent in ovos-core

When we introduce new functionality in ovos-core that if used in a skill would cause incompatibilities with mycroft we always make the methods private, as long as a skill does not access any property that starts with an underscore, eg. self._resources, it should work in mycroft-core

See the table of Known Incompatibilities

Do OPM plugins work in mycroft-core?

yes! OPM provides new kinds of plugins not supported by mycroft-core, but STT, TTS, WakeWord and AudioService plugins will work in regular mycroft

OPM base classes may contain improvements and new features, such as better caching and automatic viseme generation in TTS plugins, but we try very hard to ensure they remain compatible with mycroft-core dev branch

Does PHAL work with mycroft-core?

yes! PHAL is a standalone component, it only needs to connect to the mycroft messagebus. You can connect PHAL to vanilla mycroft-core and load any plugin.

Depending on the plugin this may make sense or not

Known Incompatibilities

Here we present a list of know incompatibilites between ovos-core and mycroft-core

feature consequence reason workarounds
converse deactivated event skill won't know when its no longer active mycroft-core does not emit bus event
access private skill property/method skill will not load syntax error port the feature to ovos_workshop
using "mycroft.gui.list.move" GUI may be messed up mycroft-core does not implement full GUI protocol run ovos-gui, do not run mycroft enclosure