• The OpenVoiceOS Project - All the repositories under OpenVoiceOS organization
  • The OpenVoiceOS Team - The team behind OVOS
  • ovos-core - the central repository where the voice assistant "brain" is developed
  • OVOS - all of the above!
  • utterance - command, question, or query from a user (eg 'turn on the kitchen lights')
  • intent - when an utterance is classified for its action and entities (eg 'turn on the kitchen lights' -> skill: home assistant, action: turn on/off, entity: kitchen lights)
  • STT - speech to text, also known as ASR, automated speech recognition, the process of converting audio into words
  • wakeword - a specific word or phrase trained used to activate the STT (eg 'hey mycroft')
  • TTS - text to speech, the process of generating the audio with the responses