Welcome To OpenVoice OS Getting Started User Guide

Installation Choices

You can find a pdf version of a getting started guide here

Where to get OVOS?

OVOS is in early stages, we publish our Raspberry Pi images for download but expect new bugs and new fixes on every release, we are not yet stable!

These images are development images in alpha stage, bugs and incomplete features are guaranteed.

Install choices

You can install OVOS either as an image, container, or manually.

There are currently three image choices for OVOS. Buildroot, Manjaro and Raspbian. You can also build images from scratch using Buildroot and Manjaro

A docker container is available for Manjaro.

In most cases images provide for the easiest install, if your hardware is supported. Building your own image can provide for a complete custom build in a package, but is more of an involved process. If you're familiar with Docker, then that option can provide a quick install. Finally, building from scratch can be more involved, but provides the most flexibility.