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Installing an Image

[Which Image should I choose?] #todo

Downloading an Image

Buildroot Latest Image

- RPi4-64

Raspbian Latest Images

Default users

  • BuildRoot: Username: mycroft | password: mycroft
  • Manjaro: Username: ovos | password: ovos
  • Raspbian: Username: ovos | password: ovos

Build images from scratch:

Flashing your image

Flashing your image to your sdcard or USB drive is not different from flashing any other image. For the non-technical users we advise to use the flashing utility from the Raspberry Pi Foundation which you can find here. Under "CHOOSE OS" select custom at the very bottom of the list and browse to the downloaded image file. It is not required to unzip / unpack the image as the Raspberry Pi imager software can do that for you on the fly. Under "CHOOSE STORAGE" select your sdcard or USB device.

If you have a Raspberry Pi 4 we recommend to use a good USB3.1 device. If you have a Raspberry Pi 3, use a proper sdcard. (From fast to slow: USB3.1 - sdcard - USB2)