OVOS devices with displays provide skill developers the opportunity to create skills that can be empowered by both voice and screen interaction.

The display interaction technology is based on the QML user interface markup language that gives you complete freedom to create in-depth innovative interactions without boundaries or provide you with simple templates within the Mycroft GUI framework that allow minimalistic display of text and images based on your skill development specifics and preferences.


Mycroft-GUI is an open source visual and display framework for Mycroft running on top of KDE Plasma Technology and built using Kirigami a lightweight user interface framework for convergent applications which are empowered by Qt.

Introduction to QML

QML user interface markup language is a declarative language built on top of Qt's existing strengths designed to describe the user interface of a program: both what it looks like, and how it behaves. QML provides modules that consist of sophisticated set of graphical and behavioral building elements.

A collection of resources to familiarize you with QML and Kirigami Framework.