Language Detection/Translation Plugins

These plugins can be used to detect the language of text and to translate it

They are not used internally by ovos-core but are integrated with external tools

neon-core also makes heavy use of OPM language plugins

List of Language plugins

Plugin Detect Tx Offline Type
neon-lang-plugin-cld2 yes no yes FOSS
neon-lang-plugin-cld3 yes no yes FOSS
neon-lang-plugin-langdetect yes no yes FOSS
neon-lang-plugin-fastlang yes no yes FOSS
neon-lang-plugin-lingua_podre yes no yes FOSS
neon-lang-plugin-libretranslate yes yes no API (self hosted)
neon-lang-plugin-apertium no yes no API (self hosted)
neon-lang-plugin-amazon_translate yes yes no API (key)
neon-lang-plugin-google_translate yes yes no API (key)