Installing New Skills

There are a few ways to install skills in ovos. The official way is to use opm

Manual Install

Finding Skills

Most skills are found throughout github. The official skills can be found at the OpenVoiceOS github page. Search the repositories for "skills". There are a few other places they can be found. Neon AI has several skills, and a search through github will for sure find more.

Installing a found skill

pip install

The prefered method is with pip. If a skill has a file, it can be installed this way.

The syntax is pip install git+<github/repository.git>.

ex. pip install git+ should install the ovos-date-time skill

After installing skills this way, ovos skills service needs to be restarted

buildroot / ovos-picroft

systemctl --user restart mycroft-skills

manjaro / other system installed services

systemctl restart mycroft-skills

git install

Skills can also be directly cloned to the skill directory, usually located at ~/.local/share/mycroft/skills/

enter the skill directory

cd ~/.local/share/mycroft/skills

and clone the found skill here with git

git clone <github/repository.git>

ex. git clone will install the ovos-date-time skill.

A restart of the ovos-skills service is not required when installing this way.