Skills can include a skill.json file in the root of the skill directory

This file contains metadata about the skill and is all you need to submit a skill to some skill marketplaces (eg. Pling)

  "name": "Wolfram Alpha",
  "description": "Get information from Wolfram Alpha",
  "skillname": "skill-wolfie",
  "authorname": "JarbasSkills",
  "url": "",
  "branch": "v0.1",
  "desktopFile": false,
  "systemDeps": false,
  "download_url": "",
  "examples": [
    "ask the wolf what is the speed of light",
    "How tall is Mount Everest?",
    "When was The Rocky Horror Picture Show released?",
    "What is Madonna's real name?",
    "What's 18 times 4?",
    "How many inches in a meter?"
  "lang": "en-us",
  "lang_support": {
    "pt-pt": {
      "name": "Wolfram Alpha",
      "description": "...",
      "examples": [...]


On the JSON file:

  • name is a human-readable name for the skill to be used in store listings, UI, etc.
  • description is a human-readable short description of the skill. This should be limited to one or two sentences max
  • branch refers to the git tag mentioned above, and can be omitted if the tag is in the URL.
  • desktop_file should be true if your Skill is associated with a FreeDesktop-compliant desktop entry. Most Skills should leave this false.
  • systemDeps should be true if your skill requirements include system packages, or false if not.
  • icon can be omitted if the Skill's icon can be resolved another way by OSM.
  • folder should be omitted unless you know your target device requires it.
  • categories can list as many categories as you like, and the Skill will appear under each in the Skills Store.category refers to the Skill's primary category, which is the one that will appear next to its entry when clicked.
  • tags refers to other search terms you'd like to apply to this Skill. You are encouraged to add as many tags as you feel are appropriate. These will be carefully checked as part of the review process.
  • examples is a list of example utterances that this skill should handle
  • lang is the language the skill.json and files are written in
  • lang_support is a dict of other supported languages to translated skill name, description, and examples. Missing fields will default to top-level fields