OpenVoiceOS TTS Server

Turn any OVOS TTS plugin into a microservice!


pip install ovos-tts-server


ovos-tts-server --help
usage: ovos-tts-server [-h] [--engine ENGINE] [--port PORT] [--host HOST] [--cache]

  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  --engine ENGINE  tts plugin to be used
  --port PORT      port number
  --host HOST      host
  --cache          save every synth to disk

eg, to use the GladosTTS plugin ovos-tts-server --engine neon-tts-plugin-glados --cache

then do a get request

Companion plugin

Use with OpenVoiceOS companion plugin

Docker Template

you can create easily crete a docker file to serve any plugin

FROM python:3.7

RUN pip3 install ovos-utils==0.0.15
RUN pip3 install ovos-plugin-manager==0.0.4
RUN pip3 install ovos-tts-server==0.0.1

RUN pip3 install {PLUGIN_HERE}

ENTRYPOINT ovos-tts-server --engine {PLUGIN_HERE} --cache

build it

docker build . -t my_ovos_tts_plugin

run it

docker run -p 8080:9666 my_ovos_tts_plugin

use it http://localhost:8080/synthesize/hello

Each plugin can provide its own Dockerfile in its repository using ovos-tts-server