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Open Voice OS command line

The command line allows you to send a message (but not only) directly to the message bus by using the ovos-cli-client command from the ovo_cli container.

Skill interactions

The command line doesn't support any action related to skills other than :skills as this setup is running inside containers. Please read the skill section to manage skills.


ovos-cli-client is deprecated

Please read for more information.

Interact directly with the ncurses OVOS client interface.

docker exec --interactive --tty ovos_cli ovos-cli-client
podman exec --interactive --tty ovos_cli ovos-cli-client


To display or manage the current configuration, the ovos-config command could be used.

read-write access to the configuration

The ovos_cli container is the only one having read-write access to the mycroft.conf configuration file.

docker exec --interactive --tty ovos_cli ovos-config show
podman exec --interactive --tty ovos_cli ovos-config show

vim as default editor

vim and nano editors are available within the ovos-cli image, vim has been set as default.


An easy way to make Open Voice OS speaks is to run the ovos-speak command.

docker exec --interactive --tty ovos_cli ovos-speak "hello world"
podman exec --interactive --tty ovos_cli ovos-speak "hello world"


Neon Mana (Messagebus Application for Neon AI) provides tools for interacting with the message bus.

docker exec --interactive --tty ovos_cli mana --help
podman exec --interactive --tty ovos_cli mana --help