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Update Open Voice OS

Exact same command

In order to update the deployed stack (services and volumes), you must use the exact same command that has been used during the initial stack deployment.

The easiest and quickest way to update an Open Voice OS stack already deployed by docker compose or podman-compose is; of course to use docker compose or podman-compose as well. ☺ 💪

Podman users 💪

If you are running Podman instead of Docker, replace docker compose with podman-compose.

docker compose --project-name ovos --file docker-compose.yml --file docker-compose.raspberrypi.yml --file docker-compose.skills.yml up --detach
docker compose --project-name ovos --file docker-compose.yml --file docker-compose.skills.yml up --detach
docker compose --project-name ovos --file docker-compose.macos.yml --file docker-compose.skills.yml --env-file .env up --detach
docker compose --project-name ovos --file --file docker-compose.skills.yml  up --detach

Because the pull_policy option of each service is set to always, everytime that a new image is uploaded with the same tag docker compose or podman-compose will pull-it and re-create the container based on this new image.

Change the version

If you want to change the image's tag to deploy, update the .env file with the right one. The alpha tag images are rebuilt every nights with the latest commits from the dev branch.