The OpenVoiceOS Technical Manual

Welcome to the OVOS developer documentation

if you are not looking to develop with OpenVoiceOS the community-docs might be more suitable for your needs


OVOS aims to be a full voice operating system, a operating system needs many applications and frameworks, OVOS provides all the required tooling to integrate voice in your projects

The typical use case for OVOS is as a voice assistant, "Hey Mycroft, what is ...", but as a voice operating system OVOS makes no such assumptions and can be customized for any other use case, we have seen our community integrate OVOS on robots, furniture, smart mirrors, cloud applications, TVs and more!

The following companion projects can be seen as "OVOS distros", opinionated combinations of OVOS packages to provide a full voice assistant stack

In these docs you will find info about the architecture of OVOS, the several kinds of plugins available, and OVOS application development guidelines.

External Resources

User oriented docs are automatically published at

Docker specific documentation can be found at

An index of all bus messages emitted or listened too by all the OVOS repositories can be found at

If you need to connect remote clients to OVOS, the HiveMind project has it's own dedicated documentations at

Contributing to Documentation

The OVOS developer documentation is written and maintained by users just like you!

Think of these docs both as your starting point and also forever changing and incomplete

Please open Issues and Pull Requests!