NLP plugins

Several NLP tasks are exposed as plugins, this allows to configure how to solve these tasks centrally

NEW in ovos-core version 0.0.8

Keyword Extraction

Extract keywords from utterances

Plugin Description
ovos-keyword-extractor-rake nltk data dependent (stopwords)


Split utterances into tokens

Plugin Description
ovos-tokenization-plugin-quebrafrases heuristic based tokenizer

Sentence Segmentation

Split utterances into sub-commands

Plugin Description
ovos-segmentation-plugin-quebrafrases heuristic based sentence segmentation

Coreference Resolution

Replace coreferences (pronouns) with their entities

Plugin Description
ovos-coref-solver-heuristic heuristic based coref solver
ovos-classifiers-coref-solver models trained with ovos-classifiers


Plugin Description
ovos-postag-plugin-nltk using nltk default postag
ovos-classifiers-postag-plugin models trained with ovos-classifiers