OVOSSkill Bus Interaction

The base OVOSSkill API handles most of the Messagebus usage automatically.

For example, the mycroft.stop message is caught by the skill framework, invoking an overridden OVOSSkills.stop() method within a Skill.

Similarly, the OVOSSkill.speak() and OVOSSkill.speak_dialog() methods generate speak messages to be conveyed to the text-to-speech (TTS) and audio systems.

You will really only need to know about the Mycroft Messagebus if you are developing advanced Skills.

The OVOSSkill.add_event() method allows you to attach a handler which will be triggered when the message is seen on the Messagebus.

Connecting Message handlers

class ListenForMessageSkill(OVOSSkill):
  def initialize(self):  

  def handle_listener_started(self, message):  
      # code to excecute when active listening begins...

  def handle_listener_ended(self, message):  
      # code to excecute when active listening begins...

Generating Messages

from ovos_bus_client import Message

class GenerateMessageSkill(OVOSSkill):
  def some_method(self):  
                          {'utterances': ["the injected utterance"],  
                            'lang': 'en-us'}))