OCP Plugins

handle extracting playable streams and metadata, skills might require specific plugins and will be ignored if plugins are missing

these plugins are used when a sei// is requested explicitly by a skill, or when a url pattern matches

plugin descripton Stream Extractor Ids url pattern
ovos-ocp-rss-plugin rss feeds rss//
ovos-ocp-bandcamp-plugin bandcamp urls bandcamp// "bandcamp." in url
ovos-ocp-youtube-plugin youtube urls youtube// , ydl//, youtube.channel.live// "youtube.com/" in url or "youtu.be/" in url
ovos-ocp-m3u-plugin .pls and .m3u formats m3u// , pls// ".pls" in uri or ".m3u" in uri
ovos-ocp-news-plugin dedicated news websites news// any([uri.startswith(url) for url in URL_MAPPINGS])

Standalone Usage


Plugin Template